i am…

“I am the man who, with the utmost daring, discovered what had been discovered before” (GK Chesterton).

Since high school, I have used this quote to define my journey.  I see myself as a man without the answers but always seeking, continually searching for truth and life and hope.  I don’t claim any new territory, but when I discover something, I can truly claim it as my own.  This blog simply describes the pit stops along that journey.



  1. John says:

    Only a sinner or an inherently God-less ego would presume to search for the truth. Indeed such a quest is usually considered laudable. But is it?
    If Truth with a capital T exists, which it most certainly does, then IT must necessarily be the Truth of this present-time moment – and now and now and now.
    There is always only the present moment in which all of this mysteriously, spontaneously and unexplicably arises.
    What then are you thus doing to prevent yourself from Understanding this.
    Of course like all Christians you make much of your thinking mind and presume that you will perhaps discover the Truth by using your thinking mind.
    But Real Intelligence is tacit, silent, wordless Living Existence.

    First transcend the mind, not the body.
    Inwardness, and all thinking is flight from Life and Love.
    Only the body is Full of Consciousness.

    Therefore, be the body only, feeling into Life.
    Surrender the mind into Love, until the body dissolves in Light.
    Dare this Ecstasy, and never be made thoughtful by birth and experience and death.

    Mindless embodiment.
    Consciousness without inwardness.
    This It becomes Obvious.

    Every object is only Light, the Energy of Consciousness.
    Even so, there is no mind.
    Only this stark embodiment, without inwardness.

  2. John says:

    The happening of Truth is not through the mind – it is at the heart. Truth is not a proposition argued over against other propositions. Truth is self-evident because the heart authenticates it in the moment of reception.

    Truth is an embrace, just as love is. You do not get argued into love. It is self-evidently right.

    One responds to truth as one does to love, simply through recognizing it. It is not about argument, not about the domain of mind, or of opposites.

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