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This is a prayer that I wrote and shared for Veteran’s Day at Concord UMC this morning.  Please pray this with me.


 You have given us these veterans as examples of commitment. They have forsaken so much in their lives – distance from families, friends, communities, going wherever they were sent. Some of these men and women, you have delivered from the scourge of war and some through times of peace.  May those whose bodies, spirits, and memories have been scarred by the agonies of war be reconciled to each other, to their enemies, and to you. Their commitments of service do not go unnoticed.  May they know today that they are cherished, forgiven, and loved by You and by those here among us in this church. Grant them peace of mind and heart that they may become peacemakers in all they do as they now serve as leaders in our community and in our church. Remind us also of the many veterans in our country who suffer addictions, PTSD, and live homeless, hungry, and tired.  Teach us to care for these veterans as we would unto you.

 We pray for those who serve in the military now, especially for those in harm’s way.  Be with their families – mothers, fathers, siblings, children – who anxiously await their return. Shield these young men and women from danger and bring them home.

 We pray for the soldiers of our enemies – men and women just like us. Grant them safety, wholeness, and peace.  May we remember that these are our brothers and sisters, who bleed when they are wounded, whose hearts break in sorrow.

For those who have experienced the pain and loss of a loved one not returning home from the devastation of war, we mourn with you today.  Great God of Comfort, draw near to the brokenhearted. In their loss, may we hope together for the good news that this life is not the end.

We pray for the innocent victims of terrorism and warfare – civilians who have lost their homes, families and lives. We mourn their losses and hope that they may one day live in peace, without fear of harm or suffering.  Remind us here today of our calling to care for the oppressed, the orphan, the refugee, and the widow.

 For those who have yet been untouched by the agonies of war, may you continually be granted the gifts of freedom and peace.

Lord, we long for the day when all will be reconciled unto you – when there will be no more tears, no more pain, and no more war.  We believe that all this will come by the power of the Father, through the mercy of Christ, and in the love and peace of the Holy Spirit.

 And all God’s people proclaimed with one voice: Amen.