“Open Your Eyes”

Posted: 01/25/2013 in Poetry
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This is a poem I wrote based off of 2 Kings 6:15-23 (a great passage by the way, I seriously encourage reading it before reading this poem).  This poem is a challenge to the myth of redemptive violence, a challenge which we can find in scripture.

“Open Your Eyes”

Open your eyes
Open your eyes

To America, Afghanistan
North Korea and Iran
To China, Israel, Iraq
All who defend, all who attack
Open your eyes

To republicans and democrats
To the Wall Street Fat Cats
To those begging for change to be thrown in their hats
To the whites and to the blacks
Open your eyes

To the atheists and Christians too
To the Muslim and the Jew
Through separated walls, peek through
And open your eyes

To the young boy who wanted
To be something higher
To serve God and his country
Were his only desires
Then they give him a gun
And they tell him to fire
Til he watches his innocence
Sink in the mire

To the man who returns
Serving two terms abroad
Wrestling dreams when he sleeps
When awake wrestles God
Cuz you can’t spare the child
When you spoil the rod
And he’s used it so much
That it hides the façade
That they call him a hero
When he feels like a fraud
Young man it’s the system
Not just you who is flawed
Open your eyes

To the king who believes
That the enemy forces
Will surrender, retreat
By his chariots and horses
Fighting war with a war
Like its peace it endorses

Give your enemies a table
Spread it with a few courses
And open your eyes
Open your eyes


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