Psonnets on the Psalms – Pt. 7

Posted: 12/20/2011 in Church, Poetry
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Psalm 139 has always been valuable to me.  Over the last few years while working as a youth pastor, I encouraged many of my young women to read this psalm and even try to memorize it.  It speaks so many truths that strike directly to the issues that many of my girls faced: self-worth, body issues, God’s view of humanity, and God’s intimate work in our lives.  I wrote this sonnet from my own perspective, for I have struggled with many of these same issues, but the faces of many of these students came to mind as I prayed on their behalf tonight, too.


“A Sonnet for Psalm 139”

O Lord you search and know my deepest parts
And understand my thoughts and deeds and ways
Within the womb you wove this wondrous start
So for the works you’ve done will I give praise
And from your presence I can never flee
If I ascend to heaven, you are there
And in the depths of Sheol there with me
Abiding, giving comfort, tender care
If I could count the thoughts you think of me
And know how precious, I would be at rest
To never question love and always be
Uplifted by the one who knows me best
So test to search this heart for all my days
And lead me in the everlasting way


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