Psonnets for the Psalms – Pt. 6

Posted: 12/19/2011 in Church, Poetry
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“A Sonnet for Psalm 46”

The waters roar and foam, the mountains quake
And into hearts of seas the rocks succumb
If, then, you pray the Lord your soul to take
To rescue from the pending judgment come
And if disaster, desolation brings
And scatters you to places far abroad
In trying you will never gain a thing
Yet be there still and know that I am God
For I will cease the strife of war and pain
And I will break the bow and cut the spear
For only by the power I can gain
Will heaven come and find its dwelling here
Until the day when all will be set free
A refuge, strength, and comfort I will be

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  2. kvennarad says:

    Always good to see someone attempting a sonnet on WordPress. Interesting biblical intertextuality.

    Masrie Marshall

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