Psonnets on the Psalms – Pt. 4

Posted: 12/06/2011 in Church, Poetry
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This Psalm is beautiful enough in and of itself and certainly doesn’t need to be made into a sonnet, but it’s so peaceful that I wanted to spent some time sitting in the text.  I hope you enjoy it!

“A Sonnet for Psalm 23”

 The Lord, my Shepherd, I shall never be
In want for earthly pleasures but instead
To lie in greener pastures ever free
By quiet waters fewer feet have tread.
The paths of righteousness are guided still
Though deathly-shadowed valleys breach the trail,
Yet I will reach the top of higher hills
To prove the fear of evil growing stale.
In finding restoration, words of praise
Like overflowing cups cannot supply.
Your loving-kindness follows all my days
And I have known Your presence nearer by
The comfort-leading peace of staff and rod
Forever dwelling in the house of God


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