Psonnets for Psalms – Pt. 2

Posted: 12/04/2011 in Church, Poetry
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For the past few months, I have been wrestling with the concept of prayer and how God works through it.  Does he really answer prayer? Why? Is God sitting there with his finger on the button for us all just waiting for someone to tell him not to push it?  All of these questions are still present, yet I still pray.  I even pray for God to tell me if prayer really is effective or not.  Meditating over Psalm 4 has not given any definitive answers, but it has given a voice to this struggle.

“Sonnet for Psalm 4”

I lift my prayers I’m praying will be heard
And wonder if it’s an effective tool
I know that you have said it in Your Word
Yet feel like I’m an optimistic fool
With tragedies around me every day
And wickedness is worshiped everywhere
I wonder if there is a better way
Than bowing on my knees in humble prayer
Yet I call out to you amidst distress
To heal the wounds that echo through my cries
And knowing it is you who know what’s best
I choose to see the world behind your eyes
Then go to sleep tonight and rest assured
That You alone, O LORD, keep me secure.

  1. Austin Young says:

    So good. I can totally relate to the feeling that prayer seems like it is almost a waste of time. It’s so hard when it seems like they are hitting the ceiling and falling to the ground, but I have to just look back at times I know God has revealed Himself in prayer and I remember prayers He has answered.

    I pray for you…erryday. That’s ghetto for everyday…Detroit does things to your vocabalary.

    Love you man.

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