Feel free to listen to this song as you read this post…


I’ve been listening to this song a lot lately.  First of all, I really like Coldplay.  And second of all, there’s a verse in this song that has really resonated with me. It’s in the second verse, and it goes:

“Maybe I’m in the gap between the two trapeze”.

I kind of feel like that’s where I’m at in my life right now.  I’m floating from one place to another.  I’m closing in on the final months of my ministry and life in Ft. Wayne before I move to North Carolina to pursue my Masters.  I’m not gone yet, but I’m not quite here either.

I’m in the gap.

I’ve recently been reading Turn My Mourning into Dancing by one of my favorite authors, Henri Nouwen.  In his book, he describes his fascination with the art of trapeze.  The danger, the daring, and the courage it takes to move from one bar to another is shocking and graceful and uncomfortable all at once.

But the really interesting thing about this art is that the trapeze artist must let go of the secure bar in order to be caught by another.  The artist becomes completely vulnerable to gravity and the timing and strength of their partner.

Nouwen interviewed a trapeze artist who described his craft this way, “Everyone applauds for me because when I do those leaps and backflips, they think I am the hero.  But the real hero is the catcher. The only thing I have to do is stretch out my hands and trust, trust that he will be there to pull me back up.

So maybe you’re with me, and you find yourself in the gap, waiting to be caught.

Maybe you’re transitioning back home for the summer from college,
or your living in your post-college world wondering what’s next,
or you’re about to go to high school or middle school,
Or you’re starting up or dreaming up a new job.

Or maybe you’re clinging to the bar of all of life’s securities, unwilling to jump or let go.
Remember, we have a calling to let go, even when it seems impossible or even dangerous.
The disciples left their nets (economic security) and their families (emotional security) to follow the one who promised to fulfill the deepest desires of their hearts.

Don’t be afraid.

You’ve got a partner who will always catch you.  And when you take that chance, the world will look and be amazed. Really, though, all you have to do is trust.  Your partner is doing all the work.

  1. Matthew says:

    Thats really cool J.E. I’ll miss you so much but moving on and letting go is most important when God calls you to it.

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