Tacos and Testimonies

Posted: 05/25/2011 in Church, Liquid
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How well do you really know people?

I began asking myself this question a few months ago when I was engaging with my students. I had formed friendships with many of them, served along side of them, and been with them through struggles and victories… however, I was unable to piece their whole selves together.

Recently, I began an endeavor at Liquid (our middle school youth group) called “Tacos and Testimonies”.  The concept is really simple and so easy.  I ask students to write me a page-long testimony of their lives thus far (i.e. – where they grew up, how they came to Christ, and significant people and events in their lives). I take their testimonies and read and pray through them consistently for a week or more, and then we meet up at Taco Bell (my treat!) to discuss it.  It’s been one of the most insightful and fruitful practices in my ministry experience here.

I find that I’m really growing to love hearing the stories that people have and discerning how God is fitting that into a larger picture.  This is a practice known as “spiritual direction”.  I spent some time with a spiritual director at a youth pastor’s conference a few months ago, and the experience was incredibly rewarding hearing how a prayerful outsider can witness how God is moving in my life.

As a Christian, I believe that one of my chief goals is to be a witness of God’s movement, so this practice has been incredibly fruitful for myself as well.  So I’d like to make a challenge to whoever finds themselves reading this.

Get to know someone new.

Really get to know them.  Hear their story, and look for God in the midst of it.  Take someone out to coffee just to listen.  Maybe someone from work or school or church or even your bank teller or lunch lady.  Probe them with questions to create a greater understanding of how they work.  You may be surprised to find how God is working.

  1. Great post..even a great idea to write about oneself in this way..you can learn alote about yourself..Eliza Keating

  2. Pastor Tom says:

    Keep up the good work my friend! God is using you in a mighty way and I’m glad that I had an opportunity to know you.

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