“It’s a Small World After All”

Posted: 03/09/2011 in Poetry, Uncategorized
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This is a little poem I wrote about being short.  For those of you who have experienced the majority of your lives looking up to people, you’ll understand.

But this poem isn’t just about being physically short… this is about how God shows favor for the oppressed, the weak, and the humbled and how He uses them as the agents of greatness in His Kingdom.  Here it goes!

“On the Shoulders of Those Before Us”

My miniature disposition
has been a rather inefficient
way to be heard

Because you’ve got to sit tight
while I lower the mic
before I even say my first word

And even then, I’m tip-toeing
Because I’m not exactly growing
to be so self-assured

Because I’ll never be picked first for basketball
And I can’t see a thing walking through a crowded hall
And sometimes, I’ll admit, I have to use the kid-sized urinal stall

And though I may never reach my top kitchen shelf
and I might be called names like midget and elf
I’m starting to like my sense of self

And though I may never jam
and lift my hands
up over where the basket is
As my mom always told me,
“Dynamite comes in small packages”

But, truth be told, the real fact is
That I believe
the meek will inherit the earth
and the weak will shame the strong
and that I am a mustard seed, baby
And I’m moving mountains all day long

Yes, I will be David in the face of a giant
And I will be Daniel in the den of the lions
Feeble, yet firm, in a fearless defiance

So this one is for the little guy
Who’s got more bark than he’s got bite
Yet he will stand and fight the fight

And this one is for the little guy
who is always picked last
Cuz the last is surpassed
when the last won’t be least
and the best become beasts
and the pests become priests
and all those fasts will turn into feasts

And this one is for all those kids at theme parks that have to hear,
“Well, maybe you’ll be tall enough to ride this ride… next year”

And this one is for the guy
who had to severely limit his options
of girls he could take to a school dance
based primarily on his height

Otherwise, she’d complain she couldn’t wear heels that night

So in sight of these trite tribulations
and despite debilitations
inciting indignation
inside of this tried creation,
I make no hesitation
to reclaim restoration
and a little liberation
for the underdog’s salvation

So if you’re tall and you’re proud,
stand up with me right now
Cuz you can’t block anyone’s view here anyhow

And let’s rise
above our size
to meet the eyes
of those who push us down

For we were made to humble the proud
And we’ll step up on stage and silence the crowd

And then they’ll adjust the mic
from our height,
wishing they had such a crutch
For we were trusted in being little
so we were trusted in being much


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