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Posted: 01/09/2011 in Uncategorized
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A few weeks ago, I was sitting with a student in my office, and we were going through YouTube checking out some of our favorite bands, and I was loving it.  Sharing a good song with friends is one of my favorite things to do.  Ask my girlfriend… I make her a new cd at least once a month of new songs that I’ve come to love.  Recently, my earbuds have been rejoicing thanks to friends and family who have been so kind to open new bands to me, so this post is more of a “pay-it-forward post”.  I just want to give back a little of what’s been given to me.

So my advice… give these bands a try.  Listen to the beauty and maybe find some peace today wherever you are.  Thanks for reading my posts, and here’s my gift to you (unless you hate these bands, then sorry I wasted your time).

  1. Jess says:

    i love this post. of course.

    i also had never heard that mumford song. wierd! but i liked it alot (of course).

    • JE Misz says:

      Haha. Yeah, Jess, you may have inspired this blog post. lol. Also, Mumford has a whole other cd out… don’t know where to get it though. You gotta search for their songs on youtube and grooveshark, and there you’ll find some more Mumford goodies!

  2. Trent Timbrook says:

    how can i get that parlours cd?

    • JE Misz says:

      They actually haven’t released an official cd yet… I know, right?!? They have an EP being released on Jan 14th, though, and I’m assuming/hoping it’ll be available on iTunes.

  3. Austin Young says:

    I’m so glad Gungor made your last two posts. They are currently my favorite band. So amazing. yay!

  4. Austin Young says:

    weird question, but which of these bands are christian?

  5. JE Misz says:

    Gungor and Mumford are the only ones I know are “Christian”… the others just make beautiful music

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