Was/Is/Is to Come

Posted: 10/08/2010 in Poetry
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But the story hasn’t ended

Because the covenant’s amended
By a God who has transcended
And defended the morally expended

You see, cuz we couldn’t hold up
Our end of the deal
But our God of grace could not repeal
All the promises he signed and sealed
So he revealed himself
In the form of a baby
And this is the part that gets kinda crazy

Cuz there could be nothing stranger
Than a God in a manger
Born to a virgin endangered
By a commitment that changed her
Life… and the world forever

He was born as a savior
And a grace engraver
In God’s great favor
Calling all to love their God
And their neighbor

And the prophets proclaimed him
And the Scriptures explained him
As a God who’d be reigning
But the Pharisees defamed him
Cuz they couldn’t contain him
As he stepped up to a pulpit exclaiming
Today is the day of Jubilee
All the blind receive sight and the oppressed are free

He calls the children to come
He makes the crippled to run
He washes the leper clean
And lets the blind man see
He can heal a woman when she bleeds
With just the touch of his cloak
And he could heal the soul
Each time he spoke

Because he spoke with love

A love that dignified the dirty
And healed the hurting
And sat with the sinners
And the spiritual beginners

It was a love that was hated
Cuz it couldn’t be debated
When it was actually actuated
Cuz it created
A system where all were equated

When this man called the Christ
Lived a sinless life
But he was born to die
And was crucified

And with each step up that hill, the crowd was confounded
And with each nail, that was my hand bounding
And with each last breath, forgiveness resounded
Until his heart stopped pounding

The darkest moment the world has ever known
When we had reaped all we had sown
And all creation moaned and groaned

But we were now atoned
Sold, bought, and owned

And in three days he would rise from the grave
And the angels proclaimed he’d gone out of the cave
Resurrection was realized and the people were saved
And the penalty of sin was waived
A new covenant where God forgave
And Jesus Christ paved the way

For  He has always been the one
Who was, and is, and is to come


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