Unwritten Legacy

Posted: 10/08/2010 in Poetry
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I wrote this poem in response to the oil spill in the gulf. Often we look at legacy’s as memories or some spiritual connection, but what if a legacy is more? What if the footprints we make on this earth are physical and tangible? What if we are actually held accountable for the trash we make and the damage we do? And will this be how future generations will see us???

The earth is scarred with the stains of the way I live
Because I take from her more than I give
And I give her back the trash I make

I’ve been raping my mother for comfort’s sake

And it’s not just my soul, but the future’s at stake.

So what price does the future have to pay
For our day to day?
When the footprints we make
Aren’t so easily washed away

They already need a pretty big tide
To wipe away our pride
To wipe away my pride
Because I walk with the swagger and stride
Of a man in the light
And yet like Icarus I hide
And pretend I can fly
But I don’t want to wait to die
To uncover the lies
I want to live an authentic life

Because that creates a depth you don’t see
On reality TV

What if they videotaped your life?
What character would you play?
A villian or a hero?
Because you’re never neutral zero

When we’re living in a world
Where people are killing
And oil is spilling
And girls are bought and sold for thrilling
But it’s never fulfilling
Because stomachs still need filling
And hope still needs willing
It’s love we should be drilling

Because that’s an energy source that never runs out

It jump starts the the heart
And heals parts polluted
Protects truths refuted
Resolves issues disputed
And discerns deeds diluted

Even when it creates exhaust
It’s worth the cost

Because this love is not just spiritual
But it’s physically empirical
So let’s celebrate the miracle
Of the message in this lyrical

That the earth is the Lord’s and everything in it
And He can take this ball of clay and spin it
And there’s room to heal… if we just begin it

So let’s be remembered
By this world that we’re changing
In a positive light
As we’re rearranging
Draw a line in the sand
Before the land is estranging
From the oil on shore

Because you don’t become what you already are
But take the time to find the mind
That you become what you leave behind


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