“A Consistent Ethic of Human Life”

Posted: 09/28/2010 in Poetry
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Life, I’ve heard it said, is but a dream
It’s a many splendid thing
It’s like a box of chocolates
So much sweeter in the inner creams
And yet it seems

So dark in this heart-shaped cardboard shell
As if we’re only destined to melt
And yet I have felt
The reason to believe
I’ve perceived
So much more can be achieved
Than the average has conceived

Cuz you can manifest your destiny
Into a reality
Make it real, and not a fallacy
To be all that you can be

Now I’m not talking about that American war rhetoric
Spawned and dawned by heretics
Claiming killing is fulfilling
And casualties are just casual

I’m talking about be true to you
So quit playing the fool
Because the jester will just fester
When he’s starting to rule

And if you try
With all of your heart
With all of your soul
With all of your might
Then you just might
Mend these broken wings
And take a flight

But your life can’t be full
When you’re in control
So let go and be
Just be

From the stereotypes
From the media hypes
They’re controlling your mind
They’re seducing and lying
And note, although they gloat attaining control
They’ll never be possessing your soul

Because you can’t lose what’s not yours
And you can’t pay for what you can’t afford
So how can you claim what’s really the LORD’s?

Cuz although I know it may not always seem like it
But when I’m down in the pit
And I just wanna quit
He is the captain of this broken down ship
And he is steering, clearing a path for me

And though the path ain’t that wide
And I’m stumbling, veering from side to side
He will be my guide
And my refuge to hide
And in darkness my light
And my dagger to fight
And the breath of my life

Because to live, I’ve heard it said, is Christ
And to die is even gain


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