Into the painting…

Posted: 06/14/2010 in Philosophy
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Imagine witnessing a painter moving his brush along a canvas. He chooses colors and strokes. He determines the mood, the plot, the scenery. Everything is designed under his direction.

Then, the painter puts his hand through the canvas, but it doesn’t create a hole… instead, his hand becomes a part of the painting. The artist then hops his entire body into the painting, brush in hand, and begins arranging and moving everything around from the inside of the painting. Though he has lost some abilities as the painting, he is still able to create and move and alter everything in the painting.

In Christian circles, we call this the incarnation… when the creator became part of creation, when the painter became a part of the painting, when God became man in the form of Jesus.

I love this analogy because I can start to imagine miracles in a completely different way. It is not too hard for me to imagine water becoming wine or a diseases being healed or someone being raised from the dead. The painter still had his brush and it was still his painting, so he could create any scenario without much of a thought.

It’s amazing the power held in a tiny little brush.


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