“Creation to Conversation”

Posted: 06/14/2010 in Poetry
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In the beginning
Before the world was round and spinning
Before the pain
Before the sinning
Back in the day when love was winning
It was just me
And my one-in-three
of community

And the world was formless
Pregnant and yet empty
and we
Like expectant parents on the day of a child’s birth
Were giddy with joy to give life worth
And to fulfill the fullness from out of the dearth
by creating the heavens and the earth

So I spoke the words
Like lyrics to a song
Gave right to the wrongs
Gave light to the dawn
And it shined so bright
That darkness could not hide
And I was satisfied
Of that brilliant array
On that very first day

And it was good

And on day number two
Right out of the blue
Like the sky and the seas
That were breaking through
Well they came into view
And I’m telling you

That it was good

Then on the day of the third
With the breath of a word
Whispered so soft and sweet
only by plants was it heard
Rising up out of the land
From the jungles to the sand
Completely changing the scene
Now God was going green
And it was good

Now the fourth day was hard
With the sun, moon, and stars
Spanning out so far
You still don’t know where they are
And you couldn’t even count
The vast amount
It would surely surmount
The wildest dreams you have as you lie under them
And yet all the same
I know their names
And their flames I’ve withstood
For they are good

Then the fifth day for me
Filled the skies and the seas
From the lakes to the trees
All the birds and the bees
And the fish were released
From the tip of the fin
To the tip of the wing
They were swimming, flying free
So now I know why the caged bird sings
For the caged bird sings for freedom
And her song is good

As the sixth day increased
I authored the beast
But the last is not least
So I created my masterpiece

And I paused with man
As I knelt in the sand
And I deftly dipped dust
Into my hand

And I breathe
Like a mother over a child’s wound
And I breathe
Like the quiet whisper of lovers
And I breathe
Til in every part of you, there’s part of me

So Adam, arise
The day is new
I’m ready to share
This life with you
My child, wake up

Who are you???

You must be confused
So let me make this picture straighter
I am not here like some forceful dictator
Demanding the faithful and killing the traitors
And I am not here to be your waiter
And to every whim, I’m not going to cater
And it’s not in my nature to be a debater
Because proving your point never stifled the haters
But I am who I am and my love there’s no greater
For you gave me my name… Creator

So you are the one who created all this?
I will call you beauty, I will call you bliss
But if you are creator, why to I exist?

Adam, I have a love made to overflow
And go where no one else has gone
Where the weak are wronged
Where there are no songs
And there, sing and bring a song that rings of something good
So you were not meant just to do as you should
Keep a list of your wrongs to be paid for in blood
Because that has no faith, and that holds no love
But you were created with a spark of the divine
So I could be yours, and so you could be mine

But as the finale unfolds
A new story is told
So here is your test
You create, while I rest
Though this task was my last
It will be your first
In this world where everything is reversed

So just follow my lead
And breathe, breathe, breathe
This is only the beginning

  1. Jingle says:

    flow your head, breathe…

    love the line…
    beautiful entry…
    Thanks for sharing with potluck poetry.

  2. lynnaima says:

    I like religious topics 🙂 Although I am not so good at them. Nice read and happy potluck!

  3. Shashi says:

    Why do I exist… its the eternal question.. I liked your words so much…
    ‘And the world was formless
    Pregnant and yet empty’
    Thanks so much… for sharing…

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay
    Blog: http://shadowdancingwithmind.blogspot.com

  4. magher1 says:

    Good work! I love the finale:
    ‘So just follow my lead
    And breathe, breathe, breathe
    This is only the beginning’

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