“American Dream”

Posted: 05/03/2010 in Poetry
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Well, I’ve been inspired a lot lately with some spoken word, so here’s my new one that I wrote just a week ago. It’s based off of this story that Jesus tells about these 2 men who built a house, one on sand and one on the firm foundation of a rock. This is about the man on the sand. It’s called “American Dream”.

It’s not easy being a middle class white
Suburbanite male
Life can get pretty stale
Never having to fail
Never going to jail
Never worrying ‘bout hail
Cuz you have insurance

And you’ve got the endurance
Of assurance
of a history
perpetually proportioned
towards the distortion
Of a kaleidoscope
Spinning in one color

It can start to feel like your oppressed
When your NFL team didn’t do their best
Or your American Idol could not impress
Or the stocks went south which you invest
Yet your sickest sins are unconfessed

Because your biggest transgression
Is not your oppression, aggression, or depression
But it’s your digression from a life lived true
A life with roots wrapped around the rock of something real

So you pop the pills
To stop the stress
And numb the pain
Of nothingness

And you hide the pride
Of your success
Inside the walls
Of a white-washed fence
Designed to keep them out…
Or to keep you in??

So is this really life??
Have some kids and a wife
You wake up, work
Retire and die
And over your casket
Your loved ones will cry
And your loved ones will lie
And say, “He was a good man.”

Because he loved his kids
With his bank account
And he loved his wife
Till her looks ran out
And we’ll see him in heaven
But we have our doubts

Cuz when the rains came
Like a hurricane
Crashing choruses
Cracking window panes
When the pains became swept up
Cuz it just wouldn’t let up
And yeah he did his best, But

When the foundation’s faulty
And it’s sitting on sand
Your house gets snatched up like a seashell
Cuz it could not withstand

And you never planned
That life would be this way
It’s like you’re looking at your father’s life in replay
You swore you wouldn’t
But you couldn’t stray

Cuz you feel the void of a dad deserting
He’d give you his love if he finished working
So it left you hurting

“But, son, I’m doing this for you.
Look at all we’ve accrued!
Don’t you want a nice house and some food
And maybe a little extra too?

No, daddy, I just wanted you.
I just wanted you
But you got caught up in the sterilized schemes
Of American dreams
Thinking all the nice things

Would give you the wings to fly
So high, way up into the sky
Out of this tide
But you’d just lie awake at night
Wondering why, why?
And is this really life?

Or maybe there’s more


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