Posted: 04/23/2010 in Poetry
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This is another spoken word poem I finished a couple weeks ago. It’s based on Luke 4 when Jesus goes into the synagogue at Nazareth to proclaim what his ministry will truly look like by quoting a passage from Isaiah. He was then rejected and forced out of town by an angry mob. His message is still being rejected by religious people today.


Remember the plights
Remember the pains
From the overworked oppression
For our selfish gains

We’ve been locking up chains
In this land of freedom
Controlled by demons
And the shadows of frames
Of the things we once believed in

Not bleeding, but killing
We must be willing
But our mouths our filling
And we’re just chillin’


For our salvation to come

But our hope is not found
In reform or revision
On television
In indecision or strong convictions

Our hope is not found
In the pursuit of the mind
It’s just a matter of time
Before the blind lead the blind

Our hope is not found
In new inventions
Or ceased contentions
They’re just honorable mentions
In the plan of redemption

Our hope is not found in government taxes
Or battle axes

Our hope is not found
In power or pride
They only hide
The void inside
Of a soul that’s tried
The truths that lied
And withered and died

But our hope is in Christ
And his glorious bride
For the world it will fall
But the Church, she will rise

With her eyes on the prize
Of a God in the flesh
Put to death, crucified

He is the light
Making everything bright

He’s the luminescent contestant
Against the incessant
Ills and wills of a sin-sick world

And it’s His justice that will spark
The fire that starts
To unlock the chains
Of imprisoned hearts

Give sight to the blind
Give words to the lame
And the poor they will find
A new kingdom proclaimed
Named the kingdom of God
Which forever will reign

In this world of oppression
Where the least of these scream
Remember, remember
Remember me


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