Questions for the Bride

Posted: 03/29/2010 in Church
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We are taught early on in our lives to submit to the status quo. We do what we do because those around us are doing it.

We eat what’s culturally accessible,
we wear what’s appropriate to sex and people group,
we smell how those around us deem to be an acceptable smell,
and we learn submissively that what we are taught is actually true.
And then we take everything our culture has given us and wear it as our own attire and call it fact.

But what if we are missing a greater truth by not confronting and testing the way things are???

In a changing culture probing for truth, there are becoming fewer and fewer rocks left unturned and unexamined. However, there seems to be a heightened stigma toward the questioning of the practices of the Church. In my years of being an idiot simply trying to love Jesus, I have rarely (until quite recently) come across a brave soul daring to ask questions of the Church and why it is we do what we do.

Now I’m not talking about the scriptural mandates given to the Church to gather, serve, give, love, etc. (even though these mandates are somehow considered secondary to the less pressing aspects of Christianity that have sneaked their way into doctrine). Rather, I’m talking about the way we have come to do what we call Church.

Why is there an expected dress code for a church service?

Why do the services appear to have a director with a passive audience?

Why is musical worship the pinnacle of all worship experiences?

This is just a small sample of questions I’ve been wrestling with. And in this questioning, I want to find hope…

Hope that the Church can be a community where all are welcomed and loved regardless of appearance or cultural identity, where everyone is not only edified but edifying the rest of the body, and where real discussion and growth can happen outside of the walls of a building as well as inside.

Christ, lead your bride.


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