Posted: 02/07/2010 in Poetry
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This is a song I wrote a couple nights ago. I was looking outside holding a guitar in my hands, and I said to myself, “I’m going to write a song about snow.” So I did, kind of. I began thinking about snow and all the things we do with it. When the snow falls, we have options. We can build forts for protection, igloos for warmth, make snow balls, or make snow angels.

I feel like our responses to snow are not all that different from the various responses we can have when trouble or hurt comes falling onto our landscape. We can build up defenses, hide away in them as if it’s the best way to simply survive, use them as ammunition on others, or we can try to create something beautiful with them.

In short, this song is about that. But it also holds the promise of warmer days ahead. It’s called solstice because the there is a meteorological events that occurs every winter called a “solstice”. The winter solstice is the shortest day of the year. The sun is up for less time than any other day of the year, and thus a deep darkness sets in for the majority of the day. If you find yourself reading this in the middle of a personal solstice, I pray you take hope to the promise that spring is coming.


Winter moves slowly
Like snow to the ground
It drifts and awakens my skin

It lies all around me
In flakes that I’ve found
Unique to eternity’s end

Well maybe I, maybe I’ll
Stack it high
As a wall
To shield me from harm

Or maybe I, maybe I’ll
Build it up
As a shelter
To keep me warm

And oh, oh, oh
I’m waiting on spring

The darkness moves quickly
Day fades into night
And the ice forms daggers on the trees

Though the cold, how it shakes me
And frost, how it bites
It is white, far as I can see

And oh, oh, oh
Spring is coming
And oh, oh, oh

And the showers of April
Turn promises green
And the melting turns to a flood

Washing whites into browns
Turning thens into nows
As I yearn for flowers to bud

But the wind keeps on calling
The flurries keep falling
Their blankets rest still on the earth

Some call it a blessing
Some call it a test
I’m still feeling to figure its worth

Well maybe I, maybe I’ll
Roll it round
As a ball
Use it all to attack

Or maybe I, maybe I’ll
Just lie down
Calling angels
Behind my back

And oh, oh, oh
I’m waiting on spring
And oh, oh, oh


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