Exulting Monotony

Posted: 11/25/2009 in Philosophy
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I’m kind of a wanderer.

I blame society for this. I think our society kind of probes us to be this way. As we grow up, our lives are plotted out into sections. We go to Elementary school for 5 years, then middle school for 3 years, then high school for 4 years, then college for 4 years, and by the time you graduate college, you’re ready to section off your life again into a nice magic chunk of time.

“Maybe I’ll do this for 2 years here.”

“Then when I’m done with that, I’ll do this.”

We become incredibly apprehensive about living “boring” lives, and we gear ourselves into situations that deny boredom and commitment simultaneously.

Now, I’m not negating the concept of living an extraordinary life. But I’d like to challenge the foundation of what extraordinary actually means. Jesus spent his entire ministry in monotony. He traveled no further than a 30 mile perimeter, ate with common, everyday people, and hung out with some close friends. It was how he created beauty within the ordinary setting that truly set Jesus apart.

And God himself loves consistency.

After all, God creates pretty consistently. Each day, God causes the sun to rise and then to set in the same directions in the sky. We go through the same 4 seasons every single year. Grass will always be green. The stars never rearrange. When two deer reproduce, they will always make a fawn. Never will two animals of the same species birth an animal not of their own.

A human will never birth a baby cow.

It’s just the way things are, and God’s been doing it since the beginning of time.

So do you think that God ever gets tired of creating the same stuff over and over again???

I was reading a passage from G.K. Chesterton’s Orthodoxy a few weeks ago, and he likened God’s appetite for his creation to a child’s appetite for play.

Have you ever played peek-a-boo with a little kid? My baby sister is about to turn two, and I devour each opportunity I have to play games with her. And she loves playing peek-a-boo. So I’ll cover my eyes or she’ll hide behind a pillow, and I’ll question to no one, “Where’s Lily? Where’s Lily?” And she’ll start giggling, and after a second or two, I’ll “find her” and proclaim, “There she is!” And then we’ll laugh, and she’ll demand, “Do it again!” So this continues another 73 times until I’m tired and say, “Ok, last one.”

But she never tires of that game! She knows what is going to happen every time, but that doesn’t matter. She doesn’t care.

She’s seen the same Yo Gabba Gabba episode at least 50 times by now, and she still requests it! I’m completely amazed at how she can continually be amazed at the same things.

I wonder if God is like that. He doesn’t need to rearrange the stars each night to delight in them. I wonder if God looks at the sunrise and says the next day, “Do it again.” I wonder if God goes through each season and is so joyful in them that he goes through the cycle all over again just so he can see it once more. I wonder if God makes a sunflower and is so thrilled that he makes a whole field of flowers that look just like it.

I think maybe my mind becomes closer to God’s when I begin to be amazed at the simplicity of creation. A sunset, a flower, the Big Dipper – they all sing the same song.

I hope today, you can find yourself longing for the ordinary, the usual. May you yearn for monotony and find it in your heart not to be bored by the comings and goings of day-to-day life but to be blown away by it. May we all quit looking for some next stage of life or a new change of scenery but simply wake up to each day God has created and beg of Him to do it again.


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