Stones for Crosses

Posted: 03/04/2008 in Poetry, Semester in Israel
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I’ve been thinking a lot about grace lately. Maybe it’s just because the lack of it has been thrust upon me while living here in Israel at this time. With the fighting between Israel and Gaza to the disputes you hear between shopkeepers walking through the Old City of Jerusalem, grace is a concept that I’ve found lacking in humanity… and lacking in me. We see this in John 8 when the Phariseees bring out an adultress to stone. I wrote a poem last night from these stirred thoughts. It’s called “Stones for Crosses”. First read John 8, then read this, reflect, and respond not simply with a comment but with a lifestyle. I’m trying this, too.

“Stones for Crosses”

Take her and her scarlet letter outside these walls
Make her walk till she crawls
Though everyone falls

Stones stones
Pick up your stones
Sing a praise to yourself
As each one is thrown

Give her justice, not grace
With a stone to the face
Then maybe she’ll taste
Her sin and disgrace

But it’s hard to aim right
With a plank in the eye
But at least it’s convenient
To crucify

Stones stones
Pick up your stones
Hide behind your own guilt
As each one is thrown

So I judge in my heart
On this woman defiled
Not realizing I
Needed reconciled

Then a man above men
Speaks to me once again
Saying he without sin
Can only condemn

Now the stone of my heart
Is the stone that I hold
I must bury my pride
‘Lest I bury her cold
Stones stones
I lay down my stones
Just to pick up a cross
And carry it home

  1. Jeremy says:

    Thank you for this… I want to try to shape this into a song if you haven’t already. I wouldn’t be surprised but mostly I just want to say thank you. I love you and miss you bro!

  2. Darian Burns says:

    WOW! Powerful! Jeremy is right. this would make a great song. you!

  3. Hope says:

    I will probably have to print this off and put it in my journal– beautiful– keep on keepin’ on!

  4. Rob says:

    JE, this is great. Go to Youtube and watch the As I Lay Dying videos for “Nothing Left” and “The Sound of Truth”. I think you’ll find that they resonate the same truth about grace.much loverd

  5. Austin Young says:

    So I’m just reading through these old posts. This is amazing. One of my favorites of yours that i’ve read. and you’re cute. and i love you. that is all.

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